This project aims to make acupuncture and Chinese medicine accessible to people in the community who have not had much access to it. We welcome your donations and ideas!

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Acupuncture and Traditional Asian Medicine are such powerful modalities, and sadly not as accessible to everyone as they deserve to be!  

With this in mind we birthed the Community Needles Project- a fund to increase exposure and access to this cost effective and powerful medicine.

We have collaborated with the Central Valley Healing Collective to support non-profit social justice minded workers from Merced to Bakersfield.  We have taught classes at the Fresno Holistic Cultural Education & Wellness Center, connected with the Fresno Center for New Americans, focused on bringing culturally-inclusive mental health services to underserved communities in Fresno.  We have provided free acupuncture to attendees of the Red Road New Year's Sober Pow Wow.  

Currently we are providing subsidized treatments to community members dealing with PTSD from a legacy of racism (see: RBF & big thanks to Dr. Dandridge for her research), in Oakland and Fresno, who have been tirelessly organizing for police accountability and the universal recognition of the value of black lives.  If you don't know, racism is a public health issue, and we want to contribute to the movement eradicating it from our systems- since we cannot erase it from our country's history.  So far we have raised enough funds to provide a series of three treatments to 6 community organizers- so that they are able to continue their vitally important work in our communities.  Burn-out is a very real danger of activism, and we are here to prevent that from happening by centering self-care as a revolutionary act.

If you know of an organization that could benefit from Traditional Asian Medicine education or acupuncture treatments, please reach out!  We consider the public service branch of our efforts just as important as the individual treatments that we provide.  We love referrals to opportunities that will contribute to the healing of our collective body- whether on an individual level, neighborhood level, city, state, or national level:  each action has reverberations that add up to major changes for the better.  Thank you for each act of kindness and education you engage in that lift up us all.  

Elena Perez L.Ac.

Published 3 years ago